Unapologetic and bold, XXX Rated Racing is today’s iconic lifestyle brand that encompasses action sports, action-packed motorsports and the lifestyle these things represent. It is fueled by passion, creativity and experimentation.

XXX Rated Racing is a company formed on the belief that everything worth doing is worth doing to the extreme! Since we began selling to the public, the company has grown at an incredible speed. We have a range of sponsors on board that want to promote and live out this lifestyle of the extreme sports brand. We have a fearless outlook, and have more and more events being added to the calendar as the year progresses. Some of the things that we are involved in include promoting our merchandise at racing events, and selling to the general public as well as motorist enthusiasts on race days. We have been involved in charity work in the past and are always happy to raise awareness and promote for a good cause. We have a gorgeous team of promotional girls that help with sales at events and promoting our brand.

When it comes to the spirit of who we are, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of that high intensity feeling when you are achieving greatness through something that you love. There have been many that have gone before us but one thing we all have in common is the thrill of the chase. XXX Rated Racing isn’t just a saucy sounding name, but more an attitude of the daredevil at heart and the speed, power and thrills that come along for the ride. We embody it all when it comes to a passion for pushing every limit to the extreme. XXX Rated Racing has been growing over the years and we have many sponsors and individuals that are known for their fierce spirit and competitive nature. We are definitely the type that don’t hold anything back, and our raving fans are the same. You can find us at events year-round, giving our fellow thrill seekers the experiences they want to see and be a part of.

We offer a line of apparel that matches this free spirited way of life. Our offerings continue to grow and be developed as we grow our team and brand. Some of the items we have featured in our trucks as well as our online store include but are not limited to; hats, t-shirts, sweatpants and tank tops along with hoodies and clothes for kids. There is always room for new designs and items. Our team of designers continues to branch out, always looking to find the latest trends to exemplify the incredible spirit of our audience. As we continue to grow our line of XXX outerwear, we look forward to further growth in our industry. We are confident that innovation is inherently valuable, and by that we can find enhanced ways to produce good quality products by optimizing our resources. We realize it is an honor to support you in all your adventures; therefore we pledge not to compromise on quality. We will always look for ways to improve our designs and cater to our ever growing demand for high quality comfortable items that showcase our enthusiasm for life and our values.

As our line of apparel has expanded, we are now sponsoring some of the most extreme competitors in all forms of competition – including Motocross, BMX, Drag Racing, Boat Drag Racing, Rodeo, Snowmobile, Quad Riding, Skateboarding, and Freestyle MX, just to name a few. As most extreme sports enthusiasts and competitors know, it takes a lot of guts and manpower to get going and build up the courage to put yourself out there. The Dave Miras and Tony Hawks of the world aren’t just superstars that push the boundaries – they do the heavy lifting that the extreme label requires. They are real people who are not afraid to go out of their comfort zone and be the best at every level of competition. This is what we aim to achieve when it comes to promoting and representing an individual. There is a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into crafting and developing your talent, which then needs to be nurtured and showcased in the best possible light. XXX Rated Racing provides a platform for those who have an obsession with achieving that winning feeling and adrenaline rush. We love to sponsor athletes who can’t help but push themselves to the limits every time.

We continue to strive to be the most recognizable brand available in extreme sports apparel. Our style is unique, and we are there to represent you in your sport. We are proud to be the label that can showcase what you are made of. Adrenaline-fueled extreme sports like Motocross are exciting and offer the community of competitors an environment where they can thrive. We want to grow with you and be a part of your journey, whatever your sport, and wherever your drive and passion may take you.